The canoeing for Cancer 'Estuaries Challenge' is now hopefully an annual event held in memory of its founder the late Mike Adams. Mike himself a victim of cancer took part in the 2011 event which raised over £6,500, but sadly and shortly som weeks later Mike died.

The event normally held in September takes place over a two day weekend period. The first days leg starting from Manningtree and ending in Ipswich covers a distance of some fifteen nautical miles, and the second days leg from Orford to Woodbridge is roughly the same distance.

The event held on the very picturesque Rivers Stours, Orwell, Deben and a short stretch of open coastline is in a designated European conservation area of (RAMAR) (SSSI) and (AONB) sites.

It is not a race, and so competitors have planned breaks and plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings an an abundance of wildlife. The event is open to all classes of paddlers whether experienced or novices, canoeists or kayakers and competitors can chose to do both legs.

It is intended to bring likeminded people together by giving them a pleasant and safe day afloat, but to also have the opportunity to be sponsored and to raise money for East Anglian Cancer Hospitals.

Overall event safety is overseen bt the FVCPRS who are pleased to provide both the safety briefings and escort safety craft as part of their sponsorship.