Extracts from Log Book of ' Volunteer' including sequence of events.

HW 03.28 - 15.42. LW 09.08 - 21.43 Harwich + 00.20 Ipswich. Springs to Neaps

Weather: rain or thundery showers. Wind: Cyclonic 3-4 becoming SW 4-5.

Sea: Slight - Moderate. Visibility: Moderate - good or poor in rain.


09.20 'Volunteer' lauched & prepared for service. 09.35 Crew briefing. 10.03 Logged on duty with TH Coastguard. Police VL. Orwell Navigation Service. 10.25 Away Suffolk Yacht Harbour on routine patrol bound Ipswich, monitoring VHF Ch's 16/68. 10.28 Observed lone healthy seal at No 3 Buoy, 10.39 No 4 By, 10.45 Abeam of Pin Mill, 10.51 Park Bright, 10.52 Cat House-Deer Park all quiet, 10.59 Mulberry, 11.04 Hill, 11.06 Pond Ooze, 11.10 Orwell Bridge-routine check of marine infra-structures, Piers 8/9 hatches secure.

11.12 Observed light oil film on water abeam of Sewer Berth-East Fenn. Oil becoming heavier as moving up river encountering first signs of heavy black oil in globulous form from Hearth Pt to Cliff Quay. Oil slick now becoming more wide spread with strong aroma. 11.17 Call to THCG & ONS reporting problem. THCG requesting further information and updates. ONS advised already aware of slick but earlier of only light oil in small amounts.

11.30 'Volunteer' confirmed heavy black oil pollution reaching from Hearth Pt, along and under Cliff Quay extending to N End of Quay approx area:4,000 x 60ft and 2" in depth. (Three samples and photos taken).

11.40 Abeam of No 3 Berth-No2 Bollard Oil Terminal. Probable source of pollution identified as coming from storm water outflows under Quay. 11.45 Call to THCG & ONS confirming findings. ONS advised ABP Harbour Master J.C. attending ASAP.

11.48 Resumed patrol into Ostrich Ck where confronted by Yacht Club sailors complaining of oil (Race meeting in progress)

12.18 Mobile call from ABP Harbour Master J.C. requesting update

12.30 Resumed patrol downriver to check on slick being spread South by the wind, although tide still in flood. 12.46 Position Orwell Bridge, large slick spreading SE downstream. 12.48 Came about bound for Cliff Quay, warning numerous leisure craft to stay up to the West Bank away from oil. 13.01 Alongside Dutch commercial vessel 'Emms Solar' (IMO 9559614) moored on 500ft Berth surrounded by heavy black oil.

13.01 Direct liaison with ABP-HM J.C. onboard launch 'Commodore'. Received instructions to proceed downriver to monitor slicks progress and liaise with 'Haven Hornbill' on her arrival on-scene.

13.24 Main slick now extending down past S End of Cliff Quay.

13.48 Main Slick spreading across river at East Fenn and breaking up into several patches approx 10m x 3m intermixed with debris and weed passing under Orwell Bridge.

13.55 Sitrep to TH Coastguard & ONS

14.05 Thick patches of oil now extending down river to Ooze Buoy. 14.11 Liaison with ABP-HM who advised that the HHA vessel 'Haven Hornbill' had been tasked from Harwich to assist with clean up (ETA 50 mins) and that an oil boom had been placed off Cliff Quay.

14.18 Slicks now crossing fairway from NE to SW, some being dispered by heavy rain.

14.36 Slicks reaching 1st line of mooring trots off Freston (Stoke Sailing Club).

14.59 Seperated slicks and oil film now spread from Mulberry Buoy to Deer Park.

15.11 Numerous slicks now extend from Downham across Deer Parkand Woolverstone. 15.34 Slicks now passing through pontoons and moored craft at Marina.

15.40 Call to 'Haven Hornbill' at Cat House Buoy advising of slick loations and safe depth of water in recovery areas. 'Volunteer'  requested  by 'Hornbill' to stand by slicks as difficult to see in heavy rain showers. 15.48 'Haven Hornbill' on-scene and commencing operations, 'Volunteer' leading HHA vessel to identified large oil slicks. Recovery Ops well out of fairway an unable to close less than 40m inshore due to shallows and falling tide.

Large oil slicks of contaminated debris and weed being successfully recovered by 'Hornbill'. 16.07 Deer Park area now manily clear of heavy oil, oil film still coming down on tide. 'Volunteer' scouting area and leading 'Hornbill' onto isolated oil slicks. 16.42 ABP-HM J.C. and launch on-scene and 'Volunteer' stood down, and departed area.

16.56 'Volunteer' at Cat House located large oil slick in mid fairway, Contacted 'Hornbill' to attend.

17.09 Foxs Bottom Buoy, apprehended and warned speeding (20Kts) 26ft Charter Boat.

17.15 Arrived SYH to recover and remove heavy oil contamination from 'Volunteers' hull and engines. Informed by yachts and crew that they observed oiled swans near to Orwell Bridge.

17.18 Call to THCG to obtain RSPCA Emergency Contact Number 17.21 Call made to RSPCA Control Centre to report oiled swans and offer 'Volunteers' assistance to their attending officers. Advised, no staff available will attend earliest Monday.

18.20 Logged off watch with THCG and returning to Boat House - Felixstowe